Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and more

In my 20-year career, I’ve played almost every type of music—jazz, blues, rock, funk, Latin, contemporary, Americana, gypsy swing—with hundreds of noted musicians and bands, including the legendary Kenny Drew Jr., Twinkle, Harmonious Wail, and the Motet.

And I’ve played just about every type of venue imaginable: clubs, theaters, festivals, private parties, Broadway touring companies, you name it, from the west coast to the east, as well as internationally.

While guitar is my main instrument, I’m also proficient on bass and banjo, and even play a little trumpet, drums, and keyboards when the mood strikes. On several of the recordings on this site, you’ll hear me on some of those other instruments.

Originally from New York, I have a degree in Guitar Performance from UC Denver, and credits toward a Masters in Jazz Studies at UT Austin, where I attended on full scholarship.

Currently playing and teaching in Portland, I’m always up for a new musical adventure. Get in touch and let’s talk.

Contact: Alex Tomaino

Email: alextomaino@gmail.com

Cell: 503-913-7716
Landline: 503-922-0790