Guitar & Bass student testimonials

“Alex is a spectacular teacher. He approached my musical ability openly and without judgment … Alex is a brilliant guitarist and a very cool, collected person. I would recommend his classes to students of any age.”
- Sophia W.

“Alex is not only an amazingly talented musician he is also a great teacher… I learned more about theory [from Alex] than I had previously learned over my 10 years of playing guitar.”
- Ron K.

“[Alex] can both play and teach — this is pretty rare in my experience…Alex is also a cool guy and brings an interesting perspective to music instruction…Give him a try — you won’t regret it!”
- Frank G.

“I learned a lot from Alex, including less commonly used jazz chords. He can listen to a song and then play it back on the guitar way better and faster than I could if I was trying to do it by myself. Plus he is a really nice guy! I highly recommend lessons with him.”
- Lindsey B.

“Alex taught guitar to my two boys, age 9 and 12, when we lived in Portland. He really connects with kids and they learned a lot… Best guitar teacher ever.”
- Marni L.

The above are excerpts of longer reviews posted on Thumbtack, a referral and review service similar to Angie’s List. You can read the full text of these and my other 5-star guitar and bass teaching reviews here

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Fun lessons in a relaxed environment: guitar, bass, songwriting and more

close-up angled guitar on lap

If you’re picking up your instrument for the first time, I’ll help you discover talents you probably never knew you had.

If you’ve been playing for a while, I can help you progress as far as your ambition and skills can take you.

Most important, we’ll keep it fresh, fun, and interesting–as music was meant to be.

To see what this means for you, read the testimonials from my current and former students here.

I’ve taught kids as young as 5. Singer-songwriters who are working the clubs. Adults realizing their lifelong dreams of playing and writing songs. Professional musicians who want to learn to play in a different style. And people of all ages who just want to play for the fun of it.

As a performer, I’ve played lead guitar, banjo and other instruments with several popular bands in Portland, Austin, Sarasota, New York, Madison, and beyond: Rock (see video), Rockabilly, R&B, Blues, Jazz (see video), Gypsy Swing, Americana (see video), Bluegrass, Blues, and more. So, if your goal is to succeed as a musician, I can help you get there.

  • Guitar and Bass lessons (beginner to pro)
  • Banjo lessons (beginner to intermediate)
  • Take lessons where and when you want them — my Portland studio, or your home or office.
  • Lessons tailored to your needs, desires and skill level.
  • All styles — play the music you want to play.
  • Beginners through professionals: advance as far as your ambition and talent will take you.
  • Ear-training, sight-reading, improvisation, and theory.
  • Song-writing and composition.
  • Audition preparation for bands, or college music entry exams, and more.
  • Singer-songwriters welcome.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Lesson fees payable on a monthly basis — no long-term commitment.

Contact me today — start playing right away:


Cell: 503-913-7716

I look forward to hearing from you.

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