Alex’s upcoming gigs

Portland guitar teacher and guitarist Alex Tomaino has played lead guitar for a number of bands in major cities around the country. He’s recently moved back to his favorite city, Portland, Oregon, and is now booking gigs for La La Pomp (gypsy jazz), and playing bass with Jernigan.

While in Madison for a year+, before returning to Portland, he was the guitarist for the acclaimed gypsy jazz band, Harmonious Wail;  the Ted Keys Trio (jazz),  the Alex Tomaino Trio (jazz) and the Jake Legg Band (rock). He also took a short detour to return to Austin, TX to play lead guitar on Andrew Anderson’s new album  (Americana/post-cowboy).

June 22, 2013
House Show at Jim’s 7pm
Line up:
La La Pomp (Alex on lead guitar)
Lance Leonnig
Barry Brusseau
St. Even

June 30, 2013
The Waypost on N. Williams

Line up:
Jernigan (Alex on bass)

APRIL 8 to 15, 2013: On tour, southwest Florida. Details to come.

NOVEMBER 1, 2012: La La Pomp, Gypsy Jazz. Art Walk at the Pearl.

Alex Tomaino: Lead guitar, musical arrangements.

John Kelley: Accordion, keyboards, rhythm guitar, vocals

Dominic Castillo: Rhythm & Lead guitar

Cliff Hayes: Upright Bass

Brian Wright: Percussion.

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